Saturday, 11 August 2007

Tokyo Bay Fireworks

The days in Tokyo are so hot and gf's air conditioner today doesn't seem to be working.

It's good being here rather than in Tomioka though.

Derek arrived home friday night angry, banging on the door because I locked it when he arrived. He hasn't been very happy since Reina broke up with him.

Also, with the infestation of fruit flies that have been partying in our rubbish bin and house, gf (and I) are relieved to be away from that for a while.

It's difficult to decide what to do when we have all the time available to us.

Tonight we went to the Tokyo Bay Fireworks.

We took the train to Tsukishima station to go where it was free to view the fireworks. It looks like tonight everyone else had the same idea. I would easily say that there were more people here than Sumidagawa fireworks.

The fireworks were easily more impressive. Check out the love hearts in the sky! There were also smiley faces. You can see some other examples here.

After the fireworks we made a joint decision to go to Shinjuku and get a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to end an enjoyable night.

To gf's disappointment we went through the UFO catcher arcades. Seeing the look on her face sucked out any enjoyment I would have had to play them so I didn't spend any yen there.

We walked home to Yotsuya stopping momentarily to grab another doughnut out of the box. We also stopped along the way to get two bottles of shochu and an energy drink.

On arriving home I finished one of the 220ml 25% shochu bottles quickly and felt pleasantly intoxicated. I love this place!