Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Amusement Never Ends

On a day off you could be doing a lot worse than going to an amusement park. It so happens that the training crew, that is Johhny, Joel, Julia, Barnaby and myself made our "own" way to the Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park in Suidobashi.

With the trains there were a few changes. Just to avoid your eyes glazing over I'll mention it briefly. From Keikyu Tomioka to Yokohama on my usual line (230 yen), then to Shibuya on the Tokyu-Toyoko line (260 yen), then Yoyogi on Yamanote line and Chūō-Sōbu line to Suidobashi (160 yen). I mistakenly paid 210 yen for this because I didn't write the fare properly on my cheat sheet.

We all bought a day pass for 3000 yen which we made sure we got the full value of the ticket. Most of us went on the Thunder Dolphin three times. Crappy name I know, but the first drop of this roller coaster is 80 degrees and it drops from really, really high.

Geo Panic was another cool, in the dark roller coaster,but it strained the body on the turns. We did 2 haunted houses, (The 13 doors and Zombie Paradise), but they were pretty lame. We were more scared doing the scaring ourselves. Towards the end we went on The Big O. No, it's not what you think. It is a centre-less, large Ferris Wheel. The view was excellent as it was also getting dark.

At this point I want to rectify my earlier comments regarding the other training crew. Julia, I said was unsociable. Over the past two weeks she has come out quite a bit and I'm just putting it down to shyness. Also apologies to Barnaby. You have a unique name and I'm sure you are proud of it. You are a great guy and it's been good getting to know you as well. I hope this saves me from an eternal life in damnation.

Also before I go, I want to mention that I did my first wash of clothes since I've been here. I was feeling a little stinky so that is now taken care of. Another thing is "THE CHUNK", the rather large chunk of Pecorino cheese my dad gave me to take here has finally been liberated from it's plastic confines. Still tastes good. Mmm, gotta love that Pecorino eh?

This is a first person view of "Thunder Dolphin". (No, I didn't take my video camera on this ride. Acknowledgement goes to thunderrabbit. How you filmed this I have no idea).


avatar said...

Roller coaster looks cool.

Also, Barnaby isn't as uncommon as you think. Haven't you read Ice Station?