Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Do You Want 50 Yen Back With That?

Yet another day of training. I'm waiting for the crowded trains to drive me insane but it doesn't bother as much as I think it should. I brought my iPod on the train and while this was happening I was listening to the soothing sounds of Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero. This LP has seriously cool tracks. Sell a kidney or "borrow" it. Highly recommended.

I have somehow managed not to go the wrong way on the train. I'm just doing the same thing every day. As long as they don't change the train line number I'm cooking with gas. Training was a little ordinary and tiring. I went to a mobile phone store regarding the use of my K800i, but I they said the SIMs were locked to the phones. Later I tried Jessie's SIM, but it didn't look to be working.

I observed a teacher doing lessons and I think I can manage. It was like he was listening to two groups at once. If I can do this, then it should be no problem. I bought some chips from Lotterie. A rip off of Macdonalds. On the menu board it showed 260 yen, but the checkout girl showed me a menu with the sizes and small was 150 yen. I put the right money out and she gave me back 50 yen. What the..!?

I went to the supermarket for some black pepper and dishwashing detergent. I had my headphones on and didn't even notice Derek was standing right next to me.

Once more it was the same rice as the last two nights but probably tomorrow I'll try something out of the ordinary and make pasta. HAHA.