Saturday, 2 June 2007

Shibuya Dreaming

During the day I did practically nothing apart from sleeping, frying two eggs and attempting to listen to my japanese language mp3s. I know I should have went out but I just couldn't be bothered.

Later that night Jessie said that I should go to Shibuya. Now he didn't actually invite me, so I thought I was not going to go there by myself. Later he actually asked if I wanted to come along with Derek and himself so I agreed and got ready as soon as I could. Unfortunately this meant that I didn't have enough time to shave.

Shibuya, according to Derek is Tokyo party central and you know what, I have to agree with him. Arriving there about 11pm this was going to be an all nighter. We went to a bar that looked like it was full of mostly gaijin teachers.

Shortly after we moved across the road to a more subtle underground restaurant/bar. it was here that I met Rochelle. She, with her other friends work for a rival english school, Aeon. Her work colleagues were talking about going to another bar so I left Derek and Jessie there and went with them.

Instead of going to another pub, we all ended up in a karaoke bar singing songs I didn't know with a loud group of Americans. Now I know for sure I can't stand this form of "entertainment".

By this time it was now early morning and somehow I have managed to get myself home. It is now 7am and I am SO tired. Goodnight or should I say good morning?