Thursday, 28 June 2007

Two Faces

I found one of my flatmate's blog. I read a post from when I first arrived in Japan. From what he said it left me quite down. I won't go into detail. He just didn't say nice things about me. I think things are much better now. Sometimes you just don't know. I think everyone is two faced to some extent.

It's my day off and I just don't feel like doing anything. I did clean my room up a bit so now it looks presentable to any visitors that might come by. I must have been REALLY bored as I also cleaned the most filthy bathroom in Japan. When gf saw it she didn't want to go in there at all. Us boys were oblivious to it. So much for cleanliness.

Anyway I scrapped away the mouldy spores off the ceiling and the floor and even though I used the dishwashing liquid I did a reasonable job that the other guys noticed the next morning.

I left home at 5pm and went to Akihabara electric town first which is like one big Yodobashi Camera store. There were a few girls in maid's outfits giving out flyers to their maid cafes. Sort of cute.

Yotsuya is close by so there was no problem getting the train there. I decided to walk to gf's place instead of her meeting me at the station. I didn't get lost and she was pleased to see me. I was happy to see her. It's nice to have someone in lonely Japan.