Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday Night's Alright

Saturday is the busy day at Yokohama. My first lesson was a no show, but from then on it was every session booked. I actually prefer to do the classes as sitting around all day is probably more draining.

After work I was going to go home and then straight to gf's. I saw Nathan and Johnny on my way out and they were going to a Izakaya to celebrate Nathan's birthday. I really wanted to be going home, but I didn't want to say no.

I had an 8% Chimay Belgian beer for 800 yen for a small glass. A bit expensive but it tasted nice, kind of malty. I left by 630pm thinking I had plenty of time to catch a train into Tokyo.

I didn't leave Keikyu Tomioka until 730pm and SMS'd gf that I would likely be there at 830pm. Now I realize it actually is about an hour and half to get there. I called her and said sorry but this girl is TOO understanding of me. Man, I like her!

She met me at Yotsuya station and I surprised her by creeping up from behind while she was looking at brochures.

This is my girl. Ain't she sweet? This is from my K800i. Not bad for a mobile phone.