Friday, 22 June 2007

From Yotsuya to Keikyu Tomioka

I made sure that I was leaving gf's apartment between 10:30 and 11am. I wanted to be back at Keikyu Tomioka so I could ring head office to see where I'd be working today as I had sub duty. It was raining all day.

Gf decided to come all the way back to my place as she reasoned it was her day off. I didn't persuade her not to come and the company on the train was nice. I forgot to grab my ticket as I went through the gate at Shibuya, but gf talked to the Yokohama station guard and he let me through without making me pay twice. Thanks gf!

At Yokohama I tried the Citibank ATM to see if I could withdraw 100,000 yen as I am really running short of money to pay my rent. Thankfully the ATM spat out some freshly produced 10,000 yen bills so I am in the clear for another month.

Once we got home I got on the internet and spoke to my dad. He saw gf on the webcam. I wonder what he thinks of her, and of me seeing a japanese girl? I'm sure I'll find out his opinion soon enough. Gf managed to see the Softbank mobile phone bag on my floor so I gave her my mobile number there and then.

She came with me to the elevators at my work in Yokohama. So now she knows where I live, where I work and what my phone number is. I don't know if this is just some kind of honeymoon period, but I hope she doesn't go psycho on me. From what I am thinking now I don't think so. I like her a lot.