Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Cheese Has Left The Building

Another day at Yokohama. I didn't have any classes for the first two time slots so it was pretty cruisy. All the classes I took went well.

I attempted to pay my monthly rent at the UFJ bank with little luck. The room was just full of ATMs with no-one to help. I had to go to work so I'll have to try again on my day off tomorrow.

My classes always seems to run a little bit over. On my last one, one of the other teachers stole my single student class so I had to do his three person class. I'm sure it wasn't intentional so no grudges here.

At home Jessie was making his dinner so I just decided to finish the last of "the chunk". I was going to make spaghetti but I just couldn't be bothered.

Seems like gf wants me to come over tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to see her on the weekend anyway but she SMS'd sounding like she's keen to see me. So I guess I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow.