Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Day After The Day Before

As can be expected from coming back home at 7am, I slept till the break of 1pm. I didn't do that much done today. I went to the shop and bought a whole lot of groceries. I can't read any of what the food was, but thank god someone thought to put pictures on the packets. Worst buy was some really awful 2 litre bottle of (I think) black tea. It tastes like bitter cold tea without sugar.

I said "konbanwa" to a man walking his dog and he responded. It felt good. The Japanese are not that scary after all.I made some rice with vegetables and 2 slices of meat. Incredibly it actually tasted edible!

Tomorrow I start training. I hope I like it. I will be taking the train to Shinjuku, which is about an hour from here. I think I'm getting a reasonable grasp of the trains. Maybe..


avatar said...

Try green tea. Look for a brand (or type, I'm not really sure) called Genmaicha. It's a clear/white box (looks like a box that tea comes in, but clear plastic) and has a picture of a teabag with rice in it.

Good stuff.

liboria said...

coraggio is going to get better