Sunday, 24 June 2007

Yokohama Rain

After doing the usual sleeping in, we finally got out of bed. I video-called mum and dad. They both got to see the gf. For some reason she goes all quiet and suddenly forgets her near perfect english. I'm sure she was nervous.

Even though it was raining we still made the decision to go to Yokohama's Minato Mirai where there was a nice harbour and a mini amusement park. I'm sure if there was no rain it would have been much better.

We had a gelato in the shopping complex. I had a mango and blood orange sorbet and gf had rockmelon and some kind of japanese flavour that tasted quite good as well.

We went on the ferris wheel (700 yen) which was nice, high and maybe a little romantic?! The couple in the carriage behind us looked funny. They sat patiently next to each other, but no touching at all. weird..

We were considering going up the Landmark Tower but because it was raining and 1000 yen, we both decided to do it another day. Still, it didn't stop me taking a picture with the obligatory victory sign.