Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Graduation

It's the last day of training. What I don't know now I won't know or I'll have to learn really quick. I'm sure there will be nerves but I have a new mantra, "No Fear". Sounds better than "Holy Sh%t!!".

I must have been in such a rush that I forgot to log out my time card. I called the office to fix that. I managed to ask a station attendant to break a 100 yen coin for me. My charades were unnecessary as he asked back in english, "change?".

I signed my contract so they mustn't think I suck too much. I have the schedule now where I am working and thankfully most of my classes are not too far away from where I live.

The closest is three stops away in Kamioka where I have changed trains every day. I also have Yokohama and the furthest is Fijisawa, about an hour away.

Tonight we will go to Shibuya to celebrate. I plan for it to be an all-nighter. There is no way I'm going to be stranded at some strange station again.


Unknown said...

dont be a tight ass! you should use every opportunity while you are new to meet new people. Go out to lunches etc.. this is where your new work collegues will get to know the "outside work" jim. While its all new anyway. Hope you are doing well.. Baching it at home! woohoo!