Sunday, 17 June 2007

There's Something About Yoko*

Ok it was bound to happen, but I didn't quite think it would be this soon. Yes, I met a Japanese girl last night in Shibuya at the Tasuichi bar. This is the bar that I have been going to the last three weekends but didn't know the name of it.

I was out with the training crew for our last hurrah before we start work next week. I was meeting them at the bar at 930pm but when I arrived there wasn't any one of them there. This quite pissed me off, but I thought I may as well still make a night of it and started my drinking.

Finally after about my third drink they all got there and we started off with gusto. After about another drink or two I met two japanese girls with a foreign guy looking like he was interested in picking one of them up. I said "Kampai" and I had a great chat with Yoko*.

She looked like she was pretty keen on me so I focused on this girl and left the other guys to fend for themselves. They soon left. I bought Yoko a drink and before you know we were getting pretty close. She is 35yrs old, but slim and young looking. Best of all she speaks very good english as she was an english teacher.

She asked if I wanted to stay there and I said that we should go for a walk. She gave me a mini guided tour of Shibuya. We ended up outside Shibuya station and I suggested we go back to her place.

She lives in Yotsuya, which is about 2500 yen in a taxi. So, in other words it's a LOT closer than Keikyu Tomioka. She paid for the taxi and once we got to her one person apartment she wanted five minutes to clean it up. It is a small but functional place.

We stayed in for quite a while during the morning. Later we had a lunch at Pauls. I had a quiche and Yoko, a salad. She gave me her mobile number and we walked around the park.

It looks like I will see her again wednesday night and stay with her thursday, my day off. Tomorrow I start my first official day of work. I am so nervous. I need to review my teaching as I don't want to make a mess of things. Cross my fingers!

*Yoko may or may not be her real name