Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ice Eating Fish

I arrived at gf's place wednesday night at 11pm. I only brought an extra t-shirt, as that was all that would fit in my bag. We slept in and later she made me a traditional japanese breakfast with Miso soup, rice, omelette and tea.

After, gf suggested we go to the Canal Cafe in Iidabashi for a drink and later the Four Seasons Hotel at Chinzan-so to see the fireflies.

The cafe was a great idea. It is actually on the river and with the humidity, a nice cold iced coffee was just what I needed. She, of course had a iced tea. There were some large-ish fish opening their mouths out of the water for food. I threw a few icecubes from my coffee into the water and those dumb fish went for it everytime *evil laugh*.

We then went to see the fireflies. There were quite a few people wandering the gardens awaiting their arrival. Gf and I walked around admiring the pagoda and smaller statues on a nice garden path.

It took ages to get dark and quite a while for the fireflies to make their appearance but once they did it was pretty cool and dare I say it, romantic. As it was getting late I decided to stay over gf's place another night.