Monday, 4 June 2007

First Day Of Training

I got up this morning at 730am to get ready to go to work. Derek and Jessie had their Japanese girlfriends over for the night. I joked to Jessie where mine was. He said that I will find one soon enough. We'll see I guess.

I arrived at Shinjuku at about 10am. I managed to catch the right trains. The only thing was I didn't buy my second ticket before exiting the first gate and it started to close when I put my old ticket through. You see I catch two different train companies to get to Tokyo.

I pushed my way past the barriers and figured I'd get my new ticket at Shinjuku. The fare adjustment machine didn't accept my ticket so I had to go to the guard at the gate. He thought I wanted a ticket BACK to Keikyu Tomioka but I pointed past the gate so he calculated what I had to pay and let me through.

Shinjuku is a huge and BUSY station. I managed to find my way to the training office not too bad. I walked a little further than I had to but all was ok. At training I first met Joel from Newcastle, also Johnny (from Australia as well) who I met at Shibuya saturday night. The other two were Julia, a bit of a unsociable girl from Australia too and Barnaby from NZ. He seems a little ordinary but who gives their kid a name like that?

At lunch I had another of the Chin noodles from the Family Mart convenience store. This things have drugs in them I swear. Deliciooous! We all got some food there and ate them at a nearby park. A few japanese girls were checking me out. Well I'd like to think they were. I was very spiffy in my black suit and yellow tie.

Going home the train ride was not as busy as I'd thought it would be, but I had a mild panic shock and jumped off at Yokohama, then immediately realising I was still on the RIGHT express train to get where I was going.

I made some yummy rice and vegetables with meat on the side for dinner. I am on a roll at the moment. It tasted as good as last night. I must be onto something here. I am really fluking this cooking thing.


Unknown said...

you will make your mama proud.. are you eating.... YES! and Im loving it!

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Let the adventures continue!!