Friday, 29 June 2007

Somebody Has To Pay

I made my way back from gf's a little tired. I got plenty of sleep. Just the train itself is quite draining.

When I got to Yokohama I decided it was about time I paid my rent. It's due on the 2nd and if I couldn't work it out, I'd have to ask someone to help me.

There was quite a lineup at the ATMs so I asked a clerk where to do it. She said the same place that I tried in vain a few days before. I asked another girl but she said I could do it without a bankcard and in english. I waited patiently in line thinking this would be another waste of time.

I got to the end of the line and the girls were nowhere in sight. My savior came in the form of a security guard. He talked and showed the way through it. A bit pointless as it was in japanese and I didn't get a word he said. It went quickly and before I knew it my rent was paid for another month.

I called Shinjuku HQ from the foyer of the Yokohama office to find out that I was going to be working in the office above. I could have just walked upstairs but I was dressed very casually, unshaven and had a bag of seaweed (I think) that gf gave me to take home. Thanks gf!

I went home and got changed. Jesse and Derek both noticed that I had cleaned the shower and thanked me for my efforts. Derek said I looked a bit down. I didn't tell him that I knew about the degrading post he wrote about me. I think it's better I shut my mouth and let it go away.

I just found out that on wednesdays I will now be starting much earlier at 1045am. I think this is a good thing. It should mean that I will have a lot more time to appreciate the day off I have the following day. Woo Hooo!

I made a spag bog again this evening. No one is home and everything is fine.


Unknown said...

hey mate.. dont worry about your flat mates comments. Dont let it get you down.. People have opinions of everyone. Im assuming this was a first impression maybe.. I guess he has got to know you better now anyway and was probably a passing thought. Not everyone is going to like everyone. Then occassionally you will click will someone and have a best friend. Be good!