Monday, 25 June 2007


It is one of those days, but the hardest thing is getting out of bed. Apart from the obvious reason I just like sleeping in too much. Once we finally got up, gf helped me make some miso soup.

I didn't have any vegetables to add to it except onion (A LOT of onion). She added an egg to it and it was so cool how it cooked on top of the water. I also made some scrabbled eggs in the frying pan and fried crispy ham. Mmm..

Luckily today I only had to get to Kamioka. It is only 3 stops away so I didn't need to leave before 3pm. YAY!

The strangest that has happened so far was when I asked a man if he could have any car in the world, a Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes or Ferrari, he said that he wanted a japanese mini car. Go Figure..


avatar said...

Sports cars are overrated.

Jimmy In Japan said...

He didn't like sports cars. Still, not all expensive cars are only sports cars.